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Immanuel Lutheran Church

History of Immanuel Lutheran Church



The German Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wentzville was organized November 7th. The Rev. Fredreich W.G. Matuschka of New Melle served the congregation.



The Rev. Theodore Masse was installed as the first resident pastor.

Opened a Christian Day School.



The Rev. P.E. Beil was installed as pastor and teacher.



Immanuel Lutheran Church became a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.



Rev. A. Schupmann was installed as pastor and teacher.



Rev. H.J. Mueller was installed as pastor and teacher.



A new church building was dedicated on November 12th.



A new parsonage and the first school building were dedicated.



The Ladies Aid Society was organized October 20th.



Rev. H.J. Mueller resigned due to ill health.

Rev. H.D. Mensing was installed as pastor and teacher.



The second school building was dedicated August 12th.



The first English service was conducted in February.

First Adult Bible Class was organized December 10th.



A new pipe organ was dedicated.



The Rev. A.E. Miessler was installed as pastor and teacher on October 20th.



Electricity was installed in the church, school and parsonage in April. An electric blower was installed on the pipe organ.

Miss Selma Berkemeier became the first full time school teacher.



The Walther League, church youth group, was organized February 22nd.



The Sunday School was organized February 22nd.



The first “Immanuel Bulletin” was printed.



The newly erected “dining hall building“ was used the first time January 15th.



The first commissioned teacher was installed, Mr. Herman Ansorge.



On May 4th, two morning services were inaugurated at 8:00am and 10:30am.



Kindergarten was started with Mrs. Selma Mueller as the first teacher.



The classes in school were divided into two rooms, lower room grades 1-4 taught by Mrs. Delores Wirgau, the upper room grades 5-8 taught by Mr. Otto Wirgau.



Rev. A. Miessler preached his farewell service on January 13th, after 36 years at Immanuel.

The Rev. William Gerike was installed on February 3rd.



The hot lunch program was started in school with Mrs. Betty Doyle as first cook.



The Rev. Jakob Heckert was installed on July 21st. He continued to serve the congregation until 1970.



Rev. Francis Lieb was installed as pastor on July 18th, and served the congregation for three years.



The Rev. Mark Mueller was installed as pastor on June 20th. He guided the congregation until 1979.



The Rev. Lloyd Hackbarth was installed on August 29th as pastor.



The annex to the church was dedicated.



Rev. Warren Ruland was ordained and installed on September 11th as assistant pastor and principal.



The Christian Activity Center (CAC) was dedicated in August.



Mr. Duane Hingst, Executive Secretary, Missouri District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, presented a certificate of approval from the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation to Immanuel Lutheran School.



Mr. Roy Bohning was installed as the first full-time principal on August 28th.



The Day Care Center was opened in August.



The Rev. Dwain Sliger was installed as associate pastor on December 1st.



With major repair & the addition of new ranks of pipes, the pipe organ was rededicated on September 7th.



The first Saturday evening service was held January 3rd. This gave us three services each weekend.



The formation of our Education Wing Task Force in order to expand our Day School.



The beginning of school construction and the addition of the Worship Task Force.



Pastor Sliger installed as senior pastor after many faithful years of service by Pastor Hackbarth. Added 9:30am service on Sunday.

Lloyd Hackbarth served as interim principal for Immanuel Lutheran School.



The founding of a Ministry Leadership Team to establish our Mission, Vision and Values which would guide our Ministry.

Rebecca Hoskins hired as full-time principal. Preschool enlarged from one classroom to three. First cheerleading program instituted. First Student Council instituted.



Called Christa Stec, Lay Minister, to serve as Director of Music Ministry and expand our current worship. Also, began the P&BC for the expansion program. We partnered with DCA for the design phase of our new sanctuary.

Immanuel Lutheran Church joined the Lutheran High School of St. Charles County Association. First all-day Kindergarten began. Renovations to school playground were completed.

“Garden of Grace” dedicated (school/church inner courtyard).



LIFEnite was initiated.

Added Rev. Jason Auringer to assist Pastor Sliger. Implemented Pastor Hackbarth to begin our Senior Ministry. In keeping with our Mission and Ministry, added a part-time Director of Christian Education and Director of Christian Outreach.



Moved services to CAC to expand our worship ministry.

Seventeen acres donated for new sanctuary on Highway N.

Rev. Auringer installed as associate pastor.

Saturday evening service resumed July 16th in Immanuel Lutheran Heritage Church.



Bryan Blackford called to replace retiring administrator



Groundbreaking for new worship facility on Highway N.

Dan Stec installed as Director of Next Generation Ministries (Family Ministries).



Actual construction begins on new worship facility.

Pastor Auringer installed as Senior Pastor.

Implementation of 10 yr strategic plan begins, focusing on Worship, Day-school, & Families.

Allison Dolak installed as school administrator.

Rev. Mark Sell added as pastoral assistant.

A new capital campaign, “Building: Character... Community... Commitment” launches.



June 28th First worship service in new facility located on 17 acres on Hwy N; the new location includes over 50,000 square feet of classrooms and a 600 seat sanctuary.

Dedication Service on August 30 with Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing as guest preacher; nearly 500 attend service filled with music and praise; outdoor carnival attracted hundreds who enjoyed food, music, and games.



Pearce campus is sold in March with the school moving to Hwy N location in June.



Jill Kirk, daughter of longtime pastor, Rev. Lloyd Hackbarth, begins serving as Music Director in January.

June brings construction on the Multi-Purpose Building.

Pastor Liefer is installed as Associate Pastor on June 26.

November kickoff of “Uplifting”, a new capital campaign. Funds received go toward $35,000/month mortgage.



The Multi-Purpose Building completes construction. The completed building features a high-school-sized gymnasium, full kitchen, and youth room/cafeteria.

Voters adopt a new constitution, restructuring Immanuel to operate under a Policy-Based Governance.



Keith Pelster is hired as Business Manager.

Kirk Neugebauer is installed as Immanuel’s first-ever vicar.

Immanuel celebrates is 140th Anniversary with a community festival in the Multi-Purpose Building. The heritage bell is displayed and a time capsule is opened. 

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