Financial Aid / Tuition Assistance

General Tuition Assistance Information

Need-based tuition assistance is available through LESA’s Building Blocks Scholarship Fund (BBSF) to students in kindergarten through 8th grade who are enrolled in LESA-member elementary schools for the 2021/2022 academic year.  This application process also serves families applying for tuition assistance for students receiving services through LASE Specialized Education for whom additional tuition fees are assessed. 

Applications for financial assistance must be completed online between January 1, 2021 and April 1, 2021 to be considered for May 2021 awards.  If funding is available, applications received after April 1 will be reviewed and tuition assistance provided as funds are available. Please check the LESA website or contact the office.

Scholarships do not renew automatically. Families seeking assistance with the cost of tuition through the LESA Building Blocks or LASE programs must apply for funding each year, as available funding varies from year-to-year based on fundraising success and the number of students qualifying for assistance period. Completing the application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be provided.

Will I Qualify?

Most families will qualify for some level of financial assistance from LESA’s Building Blocks program if at least ten percent (10%) of their adjusted gross income (AGI), as reported for the previous tax year, is used to cover the cost of their child’s/children’s Lutheran kindergarten – 8th grade tuition. Consideration of requests will be given on a case-by-case basis to families expending less than 10% of their income on Lutheran elementary school tuition, provided extenuating circumstances exist.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

  1. website at and select the Scholarships tab. All applications will be submitted ONLINE through FACTS  Follow the prompts to complete the application.  Have your 2020 federal income tax documents and W2 statements available, as well as a general idea of your household expenses. Your taxes do not have to be filed, but they have to be prepared. Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete your application.
  2. Only one application per family, per year is required to apply for tuition-assistance; however, if parents of the student are divorced, each household must submit an application.
  3. In addition to completing Visit the LESA the application and paying the $35 application fee, families must provide 2020 federal income tax documents to substantiate financial need as well as W2 statements. Income documents (see list on page 2) for FACTS may be uploaded, faxed, or sent through US mail. FACTS Fax # 866.315.9264
  4. FACTS customer service representatives are available to assist you with questions concerning the
    online application process. FACTS customer service phone number is 866.412.4637.  FACTS customer service hours are: Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 7:00pm and Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

Required Documentation for FACTS Applications

    Note: Your application will NOT be considered if these forms are not received.

  • Federal tax return (Form 1040) from 2020 (does not have to be filed, but must be prepared)
  • W-2s from 2020 received by all Parents/Guardians listed on application
  • All documentation that establishes sources and amount of other monthly or yearly income received (i.e. welfare, food stamps, unemployment, child support, alimony, workers compensation)
  • All corporate, partnership, and trust tax forms, if a Parent/Guardian owns interest in a corporation or partnership or if any member of the household owns interest in a trust
  • Other documentation (recent household bills, daycare expenses, etc.) may be required

Next Steps

Upon completion of application review and award determinations by the Scholarship Awards Committee in early May, school administrators and families will be notified of LESA’s Building Blocks Scholarship Fund award decisions the last week of May directly by the LESA office.  Families submitting applications for LASE tuition assistance will be contacted directly by the LASE office of those award determinations. 
Scholarship funds will be sent directly to the school.

Tuition Assistance Help

Families needing assistance with the scholarship application should call the LESA office (314.200.0790) to schedule an appointment with a LESA staff member.